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Trance: The Only True Possession by Rev. Eugene C. Larr

From The Golden Thread Magazine Volume 1, No. 1, October 1986

Trance: The Only True Possession

by Rev. Eugene C. Larr

In the past few years, psychics and the various activities associated with them have increasingly come to be in the public spotlight. Of all the techniques that have been demonstrated, trance is perhaps the most spectacular, and quite possibly the most controversial. Recently, The Golden Thread talked with Rev. Eugene C. Larr about this intriguing subject. Rev. Larr has been a practicing clairvoyant, clairaudient, trance medium since 1949. His diverse academic background includes a PhD degree in both the field of Religious Science and that of Micropaleontology.

In 1972, with nearly 25 years of experience behind him, Rev. Larr founded the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church, in Encinitas, California. Since that time, the Chapel has helped many thousands of people to better understand the subject and to develop their own psychic and spiritual awareness.

TGT... First of all, would you please give us your definition of trance?

LARR...There are many different kinds of trance, as you know. To me, trance is when you yourself step away from your physical body and allow a high entity or teacher to use your body to speak; as a means of teaching, or just giving information to an individual. The various forms of trance occur on different levels. One level that people use is similar to inspirational speaking, where you are only partially aside and you are aware of what is going on. This is an easy kind of trance to get confused because you can change what is intended to be said. In the second form of trance, you are further aside but it’s as if you are nearby, watching what is being said, as if you were simply another observer in the


The highest form of trance, what I call stage 3C, is when you yourself are simply gone. You go someplace else to study, to learn, to further your development, while your body is being used by spirit. This, of course, is perfect possession and it follows the very basic laws of spiritual development. That is, it can only occur with your permission. Possession without permission simply does not exist. Trance is simply an easy way for a teacher to get a message across in his own words, or to teach in his own way, something that would be difficult to handle in any other form.

TGT... Are you saying that, in the highest form of trance, spirit is actually in your physical body?

LARR... Yes, absolutely, and they will match perfectly and completely. They are literally running your body. Their etheric body, if you want to call it that, or etheric aura merges within yours and takes control of the body. They can move it and they can make it function any way that they care to. Of course, they are very careful with the body and would never do anything to harm it, or anything of this nature. For all intents and purposes, in this form of trance, another entity is in your body while you have simply gone elsewhere.

And, incidentally, this shows up in the way the aura reacts and in the measurement of the alpha rhythms. It is quite easy, by observing the aura, to tell when another entity has taken over the body and is now in control.

I might say at this point, I disagree greatly with some of the newer, trendy people who call this state, or kind of communication, "channeling." This sounds like a tube through which water is being squirted and that is not the case because an entity is housed in your body and, by controlling your neural-muscular set up, can move your body. But, they will also use your memory banks to hunt for certain words, or certain phrases, that they might like to use and that would be more understandable to the audience. So, your body is not just a passive tool. It is being used and taking an active part in what is going on.

TGT... One of the more common observations made about people who are working in trance is that there is often a dramatic change in the sound of the voice. If spirit is using your body, why don't they sound like you?

LARR... I think possibly we better draw some fine lines here to start with. I’ve observed a great many people who are supposedly in trance but find that, unfortunately, the largest majority of them are simply putting on a show. As I have mentioned before, observing the aura will tell you very quickly if the person is really in trance or not and that, of course, cannot be faked. But, the voice change is done simply at the whim of the entity who takes over control. He can sound exactly like you do, or change it to be most anything. For instance, my teacher Tau Sing loves to speak in a sort of an Asian manner. Not a strict Asian voice but enough to serve as an identification, so that students that I work with, and people we work with in circle, simply know that it is Tau Sing. However, he can speak my own voice, or he can speak with any other intonation that he wants to, and it is totally up to him. The ability to do these things is a direct measurement of the developmental level of the entity involved. This matching of the entity to your body is a perfect and precise thing. So, anything that you can do with your body spirit can do, and will do, at times.

TGT... Considering what is involved, can just any entity, or spirit, work with you in this way?

LARR... No. I've talked to many entities who simply do not have the development on the spirit side to step in and handle a physical body on this side. I don't mean this as a put-down. Many entities simply are not interested in doing it. In the case of Tau Sing, he is a teacher, and has been for thousands of years, and therefore uses it as a teaching technique. Occasionally, a spirit will work through someone, in trance, simply to say hello, or give some small message. But, for longer periods of trance work, like for instructional purposes, you will always find it to be what I would loosely call a "high" teacher; one who knows what it is about and knows what he is doing.

TGT... You mentioned that Tau Sing has been a teacher for thousands of years. Just how long has the technique of trance been around?

LARR... It is very old. I suspect it goes back, certainly before the recorded history of man, where we have the so-called "witch doctor,” or shaman, or whatever you want to call him. It might have occurred where a friend of his who happened to be in the spirit realm, would work through him. This might have been either to give advice, like we see in some of the writings of the early American Indian, or to actually give teachings, as we see in the cuneiform writings

of Mesopotamia and of course in Egyptian work, too. There are even several hints in the Bible that we have entities working through other people, as voices from the beyond, or speaking in tongues. One form, at least, of

speaking in tongues. So it’s been around a long time and, as I say, the main purpose is to use it as a teaching technique. Just chit-chatting about the time of day, an entity can do with you without bothering to go into trance, and this kind of thing

TGT...Is this something that anyone can learn to do?

LARR...Yes, I believe so, and I think I would like to amplify the “can learn to do it." It does not come overnight. It is a gift that is granted. It is a gift you work for and you will learn it. The key part of the learning is twofold. You must have absolute control of your mind; in other words being able to get out of your own body and stay out. The other very important factor is a deep and absolute trust for the entity or spirit individual who is working through you. If those two criteria are not there, true trance is absolutely impossible.

I have probably seen 45 or 50 people working in trance and I would say less than 10 percent of them were actually in deep trance. You will easily get a combination of so-called inspirational speaking, where the person will parrot what is being said to them but then add their own interpretations along the way, To my estimation, thereby rendering the communication dangerous, if not totally invalid. One of the important things, as I mentioned before, is watching the aura, A person cannot fake a trance, if you are observing the aura,

because you can see their thought form images dreaming up what to say next. When an entity is working through a person, that thought form image will not be there because it is housed in the etheric mind of the entity, and is not open to your analysis.

I think the saddest part is, well, I can refer to a number of older mediums that I've known in the past, many of them now on spirit side, who started out pretending to be in trance. They would be getting inspirational messages from their teachers and be presenting it as if they were in trance. The key problem is, if you tell the lie loud enough and long enough, everybody will believe it, even yourself. In many of these instances they have forgotten that they were cheating.

TGT... You've mentioned that watching the aura was a good way for someone to determine if trance is really taking place. What about the person who can't see auras? How can they judge if the person, who they may be paying good money to see, is actually in trance?

LARR... That's a very good question, and of course it is one that has bothered myself, as well as people through all ages. We can go clear back to Biblical times where we get the warning in the New Testament that if someone is speaking in tongues, make certain there is someone there to interpret what is being said. The same thing occurs here. Just the content of what a spiritual entity might be saying does not connote, necessarily at least, the truth. All of you can say beautiful things. That takes no great brain work any mediocre actor can pretend he is in a trance.

A few things I would say that would alert me, outside of my psychic sensitivity, are of course the theatrics. Spiritual entities who are interested in trance for teaching are not going to play games with gyrations and jerking, and moanings and groanings, as they come in or out of trance. If anybody who is truly trying to trance is experiencing that kind of thing, then they have a lot of mental activity to straighten out first.