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Our Philosophy

The Spirit, Tau Sing, gifted Rev. Gene Larr the material we teach at Chapel of Awareness; and his Spiritual Teacher, Rev. Jean Bradley, gave us our prayer, which we call Rev. Bradley's Request.


The combination of Tao Sing and Rev. Bradley's teachings with Rev. Gene Larr's extensive knowledge of World Religions, Philosophy, and Anthropology are what make up Chapel of Awareness's Philosophy-

A Golden Thread of Truth.

We affirm that there is an Infinite Intelligence in action through all time. Our definition of God is simply that “God Is.”


We affirm that there is a continuation of the individual beyond that change called “death.”


We affirm that Reincarnation is one of the major Spiritual Laws and that it is the mechanism through which life evolves towards perfection.


We affirm that there is a general evolution, from simple to complex forms, both in life forms as well as inanimate matter, and that this same law is in effect in the Physical Universe as it is in the Spiritual Universe.


We affirm that Heaven and Hell are two states of living here and now. That these are not two places “somewhere” but are the result of living in the now; heaven when we are living within the proper framework, and hell when we live not in harmony with the Universal Laws.


We affirm that karma is simple causation. That we as individuals are responsible for our actions in that we give out that which we wish to be returned to us. This is, of course, the “Golden Rule.”


We affirm that there is communication with the so-called “departed individuals,” under proper conditions, which can be used for the betterment of all mankind.


We affirm that the Universe, both Physical and Spiritual had no beginning. It has always been and will always be.


We affirm that the Universal Laws have been known by mankind since the earliest dawning of consciousness, and that it is these same laws which the great masters of the past have tried to bring into man’s active lives.

Rev. Bradley.jpeg

Rev. Jean Bradley

Rev. Gene Larr's Spiritual Teacher

Open, Oh blessed spirit
the spiritual eyes of my soul
that I may be released from
the darkness overspreading me
by the delusions of the outward senses
That I may perceive and understand
those things spiritual.

A Message from Tau Sing, Rev. Gene Larr's Spirit Teacher

“Through all time, the great spiritual leaders have been saying the same teaching; but as time had slipped by, these truths have been almost destroyed by the dogma added by mankind. Almost all the additions and deletions have diluted or destroyed what the original teacher was trying to say. In many cases these changes were made by the priesthood to gain control over the populace. This has produced the fanaticism we witness today … an action that no enlightened teacher would have approved. The true information is simple and very straightforward and is easily followed. Keeping these truths in their pure forms is a must for mankind to live a full and rewarding life.”

“You are here to learn lessons; some times you have elected to learn more than one. But regardless of the number, when you have experienced them you are all going to the spirit side whether you want to or not. You have done it before and will possibly do it many more times. The rate you develop is up to you, and only you. No one on spirit side makes you do anything. Judging yourself is the way, and you are very hard on yourself because you know the truth.”

“So start preparing yourself for this wonderful pathway called living that lies before you. Get rid of your restrictive mental attitudes and your fears of future events. Live in the now; for, in fact, that is all you can do anyway.”

“Remember … naked you came into this world, and naked you will leave it. So give some thought to what you will take with you this next time. The truths we are talking about are the following:”

  • You are responsible for your actions, only you

  • Avoidance of excess in all things

  • Non-interference

  • No distractions

These four simple guiding thoughts are all that is required to live a full and rewarding life … here and now.”

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