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Psychic Medium Readings

You can now book a ten or thirty minute reading with Chapel Of Awareness Ministers. There are limited appointments available on Sundays only, and bookings open one week ahead,

All proceeds from readings go directly to Chapel Of Awareness! Our Ministers are volunteers, and they donate their time. If you would like to know about our Ministers, you may learn more here.

Getting a reading from a Chapel of Awareness Minister is meant to be in guidance or advice on one’s personal pathway.  No psychic reading is intended to be, and must not be taken to be, the practice of medicine, psychology, or law. Readings are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. All readings are conducted with the understanding that each individual is responsible for their own actions, past, present, and future. We affirm that Karma is simple causation. That we as individuals are responsible for our actions in that we give out that which we wish to be returned to us. This is, of course, the ”Golden Rule.”

Our Services

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