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Beginning Lecture Series

Since the 1970's, The Beginning Lecture Series has created a space for anyone interested in learning more about the physical and non-physical world. This series opens the door to your dawning awareness, and helps forge a connection to Spirit Side.

This 11 series course is an introduction to Spiritualism, the practice of Healing, Meditating, Applying Spiritual Law to one's everyday life, Communicating with Spirit Side, and Developing Psychic Abilities.


  • 11 Lectures- Study Guides & Video/Audio

    • Introduction

    • Right, Wrong, Spiritual Law and Karma

    • Meditation

    • Duality of Humankind and Humans' Concept of God

    • Auras

    • Vibrations

    • Healing

    • Physical and Spiritual Evolution

    • The Mind of Humankind

    • Mediumship

    • Dark Circles

  • Next Steps- How to continue your education, if you wish, with Chapel of Awareness​

  • Helpful, simple homework exercises to help you train your mind

  • Prerequisite Course for all other Chapel of Awareness Classes

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The Beginning Lecture Series is now available to begin any time! Students in our ongoing classes will be granted access to the material for as long as they are students.

Twice annually, Chapel of Awareness will hold enrollment for students who have successfully completed The Beginning Lecture Series, and wish to enter ongoing classes. We offer in-person and virtual classes.


You will notice our philosophy is different than or contrary to others, because of this we encourage you to come with an open mind and a beginner’s mind.


We are not oppositional towards other Spiritual information, your mind and your beliefs are yours alone. Chapel of Awareness has maintained integrity for over 50 years in its philosophy and teachings, never turning towards trends, clickbait, or information designed to create fear. We have no desire to become popular, famous, or wealthy- only to spread simple truths.


We have no ambition to negate what you have learned so far, only to teach you what we have been given from Spirit Side, as received by our gifted clergy over many decades.




I truly enjoyed the Beginning Lectures Series. I found each lecture very intriguing and full of information. The teachers are very knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable while learning  the new material and asking any questions you might have. I also really loved having the Spiritualist Bible and the Terms and Definitions Study Guide for additional information. I’m so glad I came across these classes and I look forward to taking further classes through the COA.


The course also encouraged me to delve deeper into my own psychic abilities. Through interactive exercises and guided practices, I started to comprehend and connect with my intuitive self, uncovering aspects of myself I never knew existed.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Beginning Learning Series to anyone seeking spiritual growth and self-discovery. This is a great start. The Chapel of Awareness provides a nurturing environment that fosters personal development, making it a transformative journey that I am truly grateful for. Can’t wait to start the next class! 


I found an amazing and all accepting community of people at Chapel Of Awareness where I can be myself and talk freely about my spiritual awakening and my ongoing experiences without judgment. Joining the Lecture Series not only helped me to develop a place within this community but also blew my mind with information that felt like I was being given a gift wrapped with a bow every time I attended. Every week was different and jam packed with information I needed to advance my understanding of this reality and much much beyond. 

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