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Holiday Message From Rev. Sherry DeLoach

A message from Rev. Sherry DeLoach

Reprinted from The Season Holiday publication 2010

The Holiday Season… ∞A time to celebrate. ∞A time to reflect. ∞A time to take pause to look back and be proud of all you have accomplished in this busy and most difficult year that was 2010. ∞A time to judge whether you loved enough, laughed enough and enjoyed each moment of every day…

We are reminded often, if we are listening, to take time for ourselves and enjoy each ‘Season’ of our life; not only the man–made parts…

∞Whether child, adolescent, adult of senior…our four Seasons are more than weather and annual events. They are precious stages and each has its own special time for us.

∞Each season is unique unto itself and our gift is to enjoy each, and never to regret…

∞What is more important than Love, Happiness and Joy? – Nothing…we need to always remember this and seek always to make them our reality and not only our vision.

It is time to retrace the past year and be grateful for all the incredible and wonderful happenings that have made this year special unique…

∞It is a time to look forward

∞It is time to set new goals for next year. What wonderful experiences do you want to look back on next year?

∞It is time to revel in the past and be proud… to be anxious and excited for all that You will bring about in the New Year.

There is a time for All Seasons. My Holiday Wish is for you to create happy moments and loving memories during your holiday Season, and do all that you can to bring about the most abundant New Year you can possible imagine.

Your Life and Body can only manifest what you first BELIEVE in your Mind…

Love and Namaste, Rev. Sherry DeLoach (With a little influence from Mariku)

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Michael Altshuler
Michael Altshuler
23 Δεκ 2021

Upon reading the message from Gene, I'm reminded of his wonderful, amazing energy. His honesty and his love, and his joy in openly sharing with others. I'm choosing to feel loved and blessed today, for having had in my life the special people from Chapel who so profoundly influenced my life.

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