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Christmas by Rev. Larr

Updated: Mar 17

Gene, is there something you would like to share with us about this particular season?

“I watched many seasons go by, more even than I can count. Some were special and many more just simply slipped by unnoticed.

Many were beautiful because I expected them to be beautiful, and I set about to make them so. It took very little for me to make them that way, only my expectations and my willingness to see them in that way.

I also see now that my expectations shaped ALL of the seasons of my life, whether they were ‘good,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘disappointing’ or ‘miserable.’ In looking back over my life I can see now that just a few simple thoughts shaped my experience and that my willingness to see what was around me made all the difference.

If I thought I was loved, I was.

If I thought no one loved me enough, then it was almost impossible to see that I was loved at all.

When I saw my life was rich with beauty and friends and laughter and goodness, then I saw it everywhere!

When I focused only on money, then I saw only the poverty of my life.

When I focused only on my goals and achievement, I saw only my failures. When I focused on the many beautiful people whose lives I touched and who in turn touched mine, then I saw that I had truly succeeded.

Each day when you wake up, decide what you will see in that day’ decide what you will be aware of; decide whose voices you will listen to ; decide how you will feel at the end of your day and then set about to do it!

Decide what you want this season to be about for yourself and then set it in motion. Be willing to see it, feel it, enjoy it, give it, receive it, share it!

Don’t let yourself get to the other side and look back to see how many ‘seasons’ you let slide by. Tomorrow is another day, another moment, to decide for yourself what you want out of that day.

Have fun!”


Rev. Eugene Larr, Founder of the Chapel of Awareness From Rev. Nell Rose Smith

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