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Spirit Play by Rev. Peter Libby - The Golden Thread Magazine Vol.1, No.1, October 1986

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Music Untouched by Human Hands

By Peter Libby

That particular Wednesday was pretty much like any other day of the previous few weeks. I suppose it was a typical “California” kind of day, in the early spring; blue sky, fleeting white clouds, almost balmy. I had been out of work during this time, but I would be starting a new job the next Monday. Knowing this gave me a greater incentive to enjoy every minute of these last few “days of leisure.”

And, enjoy them I did! But none so much as that particular Wednesday. What happened to me didn’t exactly “completely change my life.” But it did make a significant impression on me and marked a new beginning in my life.

You see, what happened was this…Around the middle of the day, I headed for the local shopping center to get some lunch. I had decided to go to an Italian restaurant/delicatessen I had previously “discovered” and get a sandwich to eat at the beach. When I arrived, there were only a few people seated at the tables. I went up to the deli counter and gave the girl my order. As she was in the middle of filling someone else’s order, she told me it would be a few minutes. I didn’t mind as it gave me a chance to bask in the wonderful smells that filled the place.

As I was gazing around at the various Italian meats hanging over the deli section, I was vaguely aware that music had started playing over the speaker system. I wasn’t giving it much thought until the counter girl called out to the people in the kitchen. She asked who had turned on “that terrible music?” When the two kitchen workers had each said they weren’t responsible, she just shrugged, went to the controls and turned off the music.

By now, the girl had begun to work on my order. But, while I was watching her work, I suddenly felt a strong “presence” on my right side. Almost immediately I realized it was Alicia, one of my spirit guides. As I quieted my mind to communicate with her, a “thought” went zipping through my awareness. Essentially, the thought was that Alicia may have something to do with the music coming on all by itself (?).

My immediate reaction to that thought was something like “Ah, come on…you’ve got to be kidding.” I then looked over at the music system control panel and it dawned on me that no one could touch it without being completely in my line of sight. So, the only logical thing to do now was to ask her.

I did. And she simply smiled and said, “Yes. Do you want to see it again?” Now, to save myself from perhaps obvious embarrassment, I was “talking” with Alicia, with my mind. However, when I answered her with a “yes, please” I couldn’t stop myself from growing the silliest grin on my face.

Well, not two-seconds after I said yes, the music came back on, and just a little louder than before. The counter girl reacted almost immediately. She plunked my sandwich down on the counter, went to turn off the music, and yelled to the guys in the kitchen “quit fooling around with the music." When she came back, I paid her and left as fast as I could. When I got back into my car I just sat there for a few minutes, grinning from ear to ear and slowly shaking my head.

To this day I don’t think anyone in that place knows what really happened. I guess it’s just as well. What they may remember, though, is this guy who hurriedly left, clutching a sandwich with a half-stifled giggle coming from his lips.

It has been over eight years since that happened but I still cherish the memory. It was both a delightful and, as I soon realized, most profound experience. There have been many experiences with spirit since that time and I treasure each of them. But perhaps this one a little more because it was one of the first.

Our spirit guides and teachers are as individual, each in their own ways, as we are in ours. They are complete in their personalities; with their own likes and dislikes, and with their own preference in music, flowers, colors, etc. The basic difference between us is that spirit is not encumbered with a physical body.

There is a saying which simply states, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This is certainly true for the student of psychic and spiritual development. Assuming, of course, that the student acknowledges their existence, and consciously seeks communication with them, spirit will step in and help in any way that promote the student’s growth and understanding.

This is why Alicia had presented me with little “demonstration.” In her own way, she had helped me to realize that spirit entities were indeed “real” and could even interact with us in our physical world. Though not necessarily “typical,” what I experienced is one of the many examples of what spirit can, and might, do to reach out to us.

Each spirit teacher chooses what he or she feels would be appropriate in the way of helping their individual student, But, it is not just the student of psychic development who has experienced the influence of spirit, though they may not have been aware of the source. As well, many so-called “miracles” have occurred where spirit simply wanted to “help mankind in some small way.”

In subsequent issues we will be sharing many examples of how spirit has touched us in some way. In many instances, you may recognize elements of a similar experience that you have had. This is why we will include this as a regular feature: that you might come to see what spirit can do to help us and, to understand that spirit can and will help, even if we do not have open communication with them.

Copyright 1986 by Awareness Press (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation -a California non-profit religious and educational corporation.) The right to copy portions is granted to individuals who purchase and use a copy for personal use but not for sale or distribution. Chapel of Awareness, 560 Third Street, Encinitas, CA 92024.

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Nov 27, 2022

Go Peter! Where ever you may be now! Always good to read your writing.

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