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Chapel of Awareness
Spiritualist Church

Chapel of Awareness opened its doors in Encinitas, California, on Christmas Eve, 1972. Since then, we have held space for a spiritual home, place for healing, and Spiritual Development School.



Chapel of Awareness is purposed to share our simple Philosophy, and the Golden Thread of Truth which is woven through all Religions, Spiritual Practices, and Philosophies. We pride ourselves in offering judgment free guidance, pressure free education, and a safe, inclusive space for Spiritual and Conscious people.


Our philosophy affirms Non-Interference as a Spiritual Law, and because of this, we offer this beautiful historical church for the community to walk by, pass through, or to create a Spiritual home. We support everyone in their own unique path, and make no attempt to force a change in others.

Church & School

Latest Publications

Awareness Press

Chapel of Awareness is now posting a series of articles authored by members, students, and clergy of the Chapel of Awareness. The older articles first appeared in our magazine, The Golden Thread. 


This section of our website will be expanding, so watch for new articles. This material is published by Awareness Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation, a California non-profit religious and educational corporation.

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