The Chapel of Awareness is a church and an academic institution. It is operated under the auspices of the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation, which is chartered in the State of California. All certificates and licenses are therefore recognized.

If you desire to obtain papers in ministry, healing, mediumship, speaking and/or teaching, The Chapel of Awareness offers a ministerial ordination that covers licensing in all these areas. We invite students who wish to develop their gifts for their own personal benefit!

We understand that every individual is developing their spiritual and psychic awareness at a pace that is appropriate for them. Everyone is supported in developing their awareness and abilities in a non-competitive atmosphere. Classes are designed to enable students to explore and realize their potential through defined exercises, sharing, and journaling. 

Fall Classes

Great news, returning students!

We are continuing our virtual classes this fall! It is an honor to serve you during this time in history.

For new students, you may read more about our classes below. All new students must begin their course of study with our Beginning Lecture SeriesYou may purchase the entire Beginning Lecture Series here.


If you have questions, please contact us.

To attend and RSVP to individual classes, click here, and choose the night/class you are attending.

*Students who purchase the entire Beginning Lecture Series will be given a code to use when RSVP'ing to classes

Psychic School Third Eye
Beginning Lecture Series (BLS)


Since the 1970's, The Beginning Lecture Series has created a space for anyone interested in learning more about the physical and non-physical world.


This 11 week course is also a prerequisite to our Spiritual and Psychic Development School, licensing, and ordination. Anyone who wishes to take on-going classes must take the BLS first.


Cost is $10 per class, or you may purchase the entire series here.

Classes are on Thursday nights, start promptly at 7:00 pm, and begin with meditation. If you are running late, please mute yourself on Zoom before entry.


We offer a Fall and Spring Beginning Lecture Series. You can see all events and classes on our calendar.

This Fall BLS will begin in September!


  1. Introduction

  2. Right, Wrong & Spiritual Law

  3. Evolution

  4. Duality of Man

  5. Auras

  6. Vibrations

  7. Meditation

  8. Healing

  9. Spirit Evolution

  10. Mind of Man

  11. Dark Circles/Next Steps

Spiritual and Psychic Development School

The Spiritual and Psychic Development School at The Chapel of Awareness offers an avenue for our students to pursue licensing and ordination, or a heightened awareness for every day life struggles. It is a truly magical educational experience.


These classes are the path to greater awareness and knowing; and obtaining licensing through Chapel of Awareness.

Tuesday night classes resume on January 7th..

Questions? Email us.


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