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The Chapel of Awareness is a church and an academic institution. It is operated under the auspices of the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation, which is chartered in the State of California. All certificates and licenses are therefore recognized.

If you desire to obtain papers in ministry, healing, mediumship, speaking and/or teaching, The Chapel of Awareness offers a ministerial ordination that covers licensing in all these areas. We invite students who wish to develop their gifts for their own personal benefit!

We understand that every individual is developing their spiritual and psychic awareness at a pace that is appropriate for them. Everyone is supported in developing their awareness and abilities in a non-competitive atmosphere. Classes are designed to enable students to explore and realize their potential through defined exercises, sharing, and journaling.


Click here to learn more about classes at Chapel of Awareness.

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You will be able to RSVP for classes beginning September 1st.

Psychic Development School and the new Infinity Class will begin September 6th, 2022.

The Fall Beginning Lecture Series begins September 8th, 2022.

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Beginning Lecture Series

Beginning Lecture Series (BLS)


Since the 1970's, The Beginning Lecture Series has created a space for anyone interested in learning more about the physical and non-physical world. This series opens the door to your dawning awareness and connection to Spirit Side.


This 11 week course is also a prerequisite to our Psychic Development and Infinity Classes, licensing, or ordination. Anyone who wishes to take on-going classes must take the BLS first. Classes are held on Thursday Nights at 7:00pm PST.


Donation is $10 per class, or $101 for the entire Series.

Click the picture below to see the curriculum, and to learn more about our Spring Series.

Click here to sign up for the entire Series.

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Psychic Development

Psychic Development


Our Psychic Development School is on-going, and designed for students who have completed the Beginning Lecture Series. In these classes, our clergy presents helpful practices and exercises for students to develop their ability to: sense and differentiate vibrations, practice healing on self and others, control the mind, advance intuition, and connect to Spirit.

Our Psychic Development School is a pathway to greater Spiritual Development, as well as licensing and ordination. These classes will be held on Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm PST.

As of Fall 2022, our Psychic Development School is back to being in-person! We have created a new virtual school: Infinity. You may read about Infinity below.

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Infinity Class

Infinity Class


We joyfully welcome our new virtual classes! Infinity!

Infinity is our virtual school for personal and Spiritual Development. Any and all students, local or distant, who have completed the Beginning Lecture Series, are welcome to join our Infinity Class.

For returning students, please keep in mind: the same attendance requirements are in place for Psychic Development School. If you choose to move to Infinity classes, you will not fulfill the attendance requirements for Psychic Development School. Although you may return to in-person classes in Psychic Development School at any time, you may have to start at a level below when you left.

Infinity is not a path towards licensing and/or ordination. Chapel of Awareness takes great pride in integrity, and affirms in-person education is the highest and best path to licensing and ordination.


These classes will also be held on Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm PST.

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