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The Lord of Light by Rev. Don

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

A Story of the Lord of Light

This information was received by Rev. Don Miller


I asked Tau Chiang if he or if the Lord of Light would appear and tell his story. I saw a flash in front of my face, then more flashes of light. I thought it was him but wasn’t sure. Later, I knew it was the Lord of Light. “It is always difficult to transcend the barrier between the physical and the spiritual, but you are doing a better job at it as you refine your awareness. You see more clearly what is important and what is not important. And what is important? The moment, happiness in the moment. If you have that you have everything, and if you don’t you have nothing. It is that simple. So now we must define what is happiness and what is the moment? For those are the two criteria of which I speak. But I will save the definitions of what is happiness and what is the moment for later because you want to know about me.”

“I too have a great problem with the word me for it reduces the happiness of the moment which are both gradations of the state of the awareness of the person or the entity involved. Let us go back a long, long time. Let us go back to the beginning. Let us go back to the day when we did not wear shoes, when we walked with a hunch, stooped. When it was slightly uncomfortable to stand up straight because we had not fully transitioned into upright walking. This of course takes us back a long, long time ago. I was on the scene. Please forgive me for using these words I, me, my, mine, anything that denotes the illusion of an identity for none exists, and your happiness will be compromised. But it was so long ago that I began to realize that thoughts were things. Remember the modern-day brain of homo sapiens was not fully developed and so the awareness that these thoughts produced by our minds, any minds, carried energy, was difficult to comprehend, but I realized it was important. I realized it was critical to attaining happiness in the moment. And so, I began to strive to produce right thought.”

“I can say that over a very long period of time, eons indeed, that my ability to control the thoughts produced by my mind has reached a level of control that I would concede is most high. I can manipulate energy with my mind, and I succeeded in doing so over 30,000 years ago. I was one of the first to discover that objects, physical objects, could be manipulated and moved by the mind. Can you imagine if you were staring at something and it moved? Intrigued, you began to stare at the object with the intent to move it, and lo and behold after some practice it moved. Further intrigued you continued the practice until a state was reached where you could move objects with your mind on command.

“There were very few in my circle of confidants who could understand and none could also move such an object. For we are going back to a time predating modern civilization where survival was the driving force. Free time was precious and sparse. But I did it again and again. Lifetime after lifetime. And in my search for others who could do the same thing I did indeed discover others including the entity that you spoke of last time. It was not so difficult while in spirit form to locate others with the same ability or at least the same interest. And I did teach some to do this and we formed a group so to speak for we were interested in the same thing which was controlling our thoughts so that we could attain and remain in a state of the highest harmony. “

“We are going back a long, long time and the group was small and I will not go into it in detail other than to say it is all there in the Akashic Record (strong buzz on my left side) for anyone who wishes to explore the arena. You will not be disappointed. I determined to ascertain how far one could take control of the mind. Remember, the minds that we were working with were not as highly evolved as they are today. Our species is moving to a state where the mental control of objects by the mind will become much easier over time. You may think this is a long time but in this grand scheme of things it is not. It is a relatively short time. But look at who we were and look at what we knew. No one knew how far one could take control of the mind. “

“As such we endeavored to discover this and the first monastery was born. It was small and built in a warm tropical area and what we thought was a safe place. And indeed, it lasted a few thousand years but was ultimately destroyed by war-faring people who had nothing better to do than to march around and kill and claim the area for themselves. It was hewn from blocks, some of it was mentally created. But here was where foundational work was done on discovering what the mind can do. It was set up to make physical existence as easy as possible. Good water, good food, mild climate, never getting cold, and a structure partially submerged below ground (image of large blocks recessed into a slope) with an opening on the lower side similar to a walkout basement) kept things relatively cool. The area was chosen for its adobe type soil and very large blocks were made and rolled into place on large branches or logs. Logs supported the roof which were laid on top. The logs were coated with adobe to prevent the intrusion of insects and other organisms that would destroy them, but eventually they did fail. However, by this time there were residents who could levitate the large blocks with relative ease and did so the logs could be replaced. And they were replaced on an average of every 30 years. You would call the abode a hovel. There was no light except at the entry which was on the downhill side and we were smart enough to have it face into the sun in this jungle in southeast Asia. It is pointless to try to discover it for it is long gone but I will say it was located in what is now Laos and it served us well”.

“And it was here that those who were interested, and the numbers grew slowly at first and then rapidly where there were too many that could be supported by such a place, and it was at that time that other monasteries began to branch out and be formed. But it was in these early days that we practiced to discover the limits of the mind. I was a resident continually both in spirit and in the physical for hundreds of years continually at which point I took a break and set out on a trip to explore the universe, which I did. I came back quite experienced for by the time I returned I had seen, and I will say I was the first homo sapiens to explore the universe and discover civilizations more advanced than ours. I did this because there were from time-to-time avarex avatars and other entities checking in on our planet to see how we were doing. And through my association with them, from the level of control that we had attained, I allowed them, I was able to travel with them to such places and I reported back on my discoveries. It was at this time that we had an inkling that there were no limits to what the mind could do. In fact, some of the feats that we accomplished you would to this day call amazing. But when I returned, all questions were laid to rest for I described scenarios of entities on other planets and civilizations that had attained absolute control of the mind.”

“And they did nothing else. They knew their place. They had complete control of their destiny. We decided to teach the world that this was the way to live, the way to be. And I will say we were most excited because we really thought we could make that change. This goes back about 12,000 years ago. Remember, we were breaking new ground. We were doing things that had never been done before. At this juncture there were over 80 of us, (5-22-21) many of which are members and were early members or founders of Doc Tau Lu and the Green Jade Priesthood. Indeed, if I look back on those early days, I will say that all but one entity was a founder of the most exalted place on Earth in my humble opinion, which is Doc Tau Lu. “

“But we decided to go in different directions, again because no one knew the best way. Some decided that other ways were better, but we decided to essentially interfere with people’s lives to teach them a better way to live. We manifested objects in front of them, we levitated, we shocked them, not purposely, but by the things that we could do. We walked through walls and we discovered the spiritual law of non-interference, and we also discovered that we caused more harm than good in many cases. And although our intentions were completely benevolent, some were so scared they feared us and desired to exterminate us. We quickly learned that this was not the best way to teach.”

“At the other end of the spectrum, some of us in this early group, which was now growing quite rapidly to a few hundred entities, decided that it was best to let everyone be left alone, to walk their own paths, to learn when they chose to learn, and they completely detached from our civilization. The entity that you know as the one who learned to heal like the great Yesu Christi in 432 AD when he performed his first mental materialization healing, is one such entity. He has completely left the human race. Another is Krishna, who has completely left the human race. And there were still others.”

“Enoch, who was not only the first entity to realize that he had nothing left to do but was also the first entity to merge with the universe. And we all stood and watched in awe because none of us knew what would happen. None of us had witnessed it prior. And indeed, Enoch disappeared completely. He vaporized and was gone. Can you imagine watching an old, old friend who was trying an experiment. We all knew, or thought we knew what would occur, for we had attained a relatively high level of control. But to witness it occur in person was a deeply emotional, moving experience. To say it was breathtaking is an understatement. Many of us had reached levels of control that we would say are absolute. The entity you know as Buddha was there 12,000 years ago. The entity you know as Yesu Christi was there.”

“Why do I say 12,000 years ago? There were many hallmark events at this time. One is that the number of us who diligently searched and desired to expand control of our minds had grown to a critical mass, where we could affect the population at large if we so chose to do so. And as I mentioned many of us did, only to be rebuked strongly, to create fear, which we also discovered produced the exact opposite effect we desired. The other event was the first merging. We realized there was an end, there was an end to the game. We realized that we could choose to end ourselves, to end it all at any time. This was a pivotal point in the development of the human mind. And yet it was only available to those that had reached that level of control and primarily in spirit only.”

“Of course, it was Buddha who realized it was the middle path. It was not flashes of miraculous powers that terrified the people. It was not those who completely left society and what you would say, ‘dropped out,’ to commune with the almighty on their own. There was a way to teach, to teach those that would listen, a philosophy, a lifestyle, rules, that would make their lives better, that would enable them to achieve happiness in the moment, both of which required great control of the mind. One, to remain in the moment, to control the thoughts so that random mental activity does not take you away from the present, which is very difficult to achieve. And the other of course is choosing to be happy, to enjoy your existence, also requiring great control of the mind.”

“And so around 12,000 years ago a critical number who could spread around the globe and teach, discovered that it was the middle path that was the best way to help enlighten the masses. A critical number was attained that could do, really, anything. The first avatar chose to merge with the universe as an experiment. It was a stunning event. There were some living in monasteries who by stilling their minds and exiting their bodies were able to observe the event while inhabiting bodies. I can only say that in hindsight this was a most pivotal moment, and yes, I was there. And yes, I was one of the first. And so, looking for ways to help without interfering with the lives of others, I began to focus on healing.”

“I began to experiment with the control of energy. I began to experiment with manipulating vibrations. I began to create those vibrations through imagery, and it was this imagery by which I discovered that light produces a distinct vibration, and stunningly even for someone with such a high level of control, discovered that light, in most cases, and all cases if it lies within the electromagnetic spectrum produces healing of some sort or another. It was I who discovered that white light contained a very strong and universal energy, the vibration of which would harmonize a physical body.”

“Can you imagine what this discovery was like? I became fascinated and devoted many lifetimes to doing just this, only this. Most were spent in monasteries because this was the best way to obtain the time for the long hours of practice required. I will say I achieved levels of control after many lifetimes which I even now find breathtaking. I can create any vibration that can be produced with light. I can create multiple vibrations simultaneously using different colors, different intensities, and placing them in different areas on the body, and I did this. I created growths on the forearm of my body through imagery and subsequently healed them. I was able to do almost anything with the physical body through the use of light. I was able to physically change the cells of the body. This is not the only way to do it, but I was the first.”

“Of course, there is the infinite energy you call God but I will say that we were all aware of it. We had different terms for the same thing. And I will say that the fighting over whose God is right or best is pure folly. There is only one and by identifying and matching the vibration of and utilizing the vibration of, in different ways one can do anything. It can become child’s play. We called your God, our God, everyone’s God, the only God in the universe, the Almighty. This was an appropriate name. The term Allah has descended from the almighty. The term ah is simply that it is spellbinding. It causes ahhhh, the sigh of wonder, of indescribable beauty, which you have all felt from time to time.”

“It was interesting how my English name was coined, the Lord of Light. Was I the lord of light, of course not. I was an entity, one of many, who began to study and explore what could be done with light, and I will say I can do anything with light, but some thought I was godlike. Some thought I most closely approximated the almighty with the use of light. And so, the Lord of Light loosely came into being. There were Lords, there were light lords. This was the word. My lord, the derivative of the word. I have many stories to tell. I will tell just one for I can see that my entity is tiring, needs to use the bathroom.”

“It is the lifetime that you know as the life of Hermes Megistus (Trismegistus). At this juncture I had incarnated many, many times to practice the art of healing in the physical, for we had learned that doing so in spirit was not only inappropriate but dead wrong. It was interesting however that whenever healing was done by someone in the physical it was well accepted and, in many cases, created inspiration and gratefulness. This was one way that we could teach and be accepted, and not be feared and even attacked. And this became the way. I was the first to perform what you call mental materialization, and although I did it several thousand years ago there are many close on my heals, in my lifetime as Hermes Megistus, which predated early Christianity in the Greek culture, which has many Christian features, about the time 6700 BC.

It was 6700 BC. If you must know the exact date it was 6713 BC when the first mental materialization was performed on our planet. It was on the Greek island (image of Northwest Aegean Peninsula, peninsula Athos, island Thassos). I was practicing there because there was a monastery. You must remember that the world was different then for we are going back almost 9000 years. That part of the world was much cooler than it is now. But still the climate was quite comfortable. There was more rain and there were many trees and there were far less people. This monastery was most beautiful. It was perched on a hill and had a magnificent view of the ocean. By this time structures had become far more advanced. Large blocks of rock native (limestone) to the area could be hewed. The structure stood for thousands of years. Indeed, some of the blocks still exist although they are quite worn and broken up.”

“But there was an attentive and earnest group, relatively large, that desired to learn control of the mind. It was an ideal place to practice and to teach, and I greatly enjoyed the teaching. I knew that this type of healing could be done. Indeed, I was only the first because there were others that had chosen not to incarnate during this time. But there were others with the same ability and I would say two that had reached higher levels of control. But they had chosen not to incarnate for they had done everything they wanted to do, although I will say they are still on the scene.”

“I will also say that my awareness of spirit entities was quite acute at this juncture and I was completely immune and detached from the physical form. I was not tempted by anything because I did not allow my mind to go there and become tempted. This took discipline of course but I simply chose not to be affected by anything of value including food, and there were long periods where I would not eat. I was most thin; the attire of the day was similar to a toga. The island was large enough to provide sufficient food and of course we also raised goats. But the island was also small enough so that we knew everyone that resided on it and were able to create a most harmonious, peaceful existence. So even those that did not reside in our monastery respected and admired our ways, and in return we helped them in many ways, through advice, spiritual teachings, and once I had mastered the art of mental materialization, I began to do such healings.”

“It was surprisingly well received. I knew it would be but virtually no one was fearful for it was always done in a loving way and always done with someone consenting and, in many cases, requesting the healing. And of course, the result was stunning. Someone always felt better, and was usually grateful, sometimes inspired to change their lives. It was gratifying and there were so many that watched in earnest at this attempt to teach using healing as what I would describe as the bait. Of course, it was not always successful. Some of the healings were failures, either because the individual was unchanged, or because in rare cases the healing did not work. There were some attempts where cells were changed and provided no benefit, and in a rare case or two made the situation worse. But I was always able to go back and clean things up from the mess I had made.”

“There were many that watched closely, including the one you know as Yesu Christi, who determined during this lifetime to do it and to do it in a grand fashion. Most interesting is that he succeeded prior to his life as Yesu Christi. Most who had the ability no longer desired to incarnate. Very few had the ability. So, when he announced that he would incarnate to do so and everyone knew he could do it he attracted a great and high following. This has not been repeated on such a scale to this day and is unlikely to occur because they did not understand the reaction of the masses. They did not understand what would happen. They were breaking new ground.”

“But I digress. I must go back to this lifetime on the Greek island of Athos, and it was here that healings became the stories of legend. Who I was exaggerated, for I was a quiet, simple man with a long white beard, who lived out his life in relative solitude and harmony, rarely speaking.” (Image of man with long white beard, balding the remaining hair mostly on the back is long and white. And there is a fairly ragged robe that is off-white and looks a little dirty. It is crude, the weather is quite mild. He’s sitting at a stone table on a stone bench or seat. He’s Caucasian, fair, I believe blue eyed, and oh the control is remarkable. His mind is so slow. Each thought, even the mental activity, is decided upon and allowed. Nothing is produced that is not allowed. The feeling is most remarkable. It takes long, long periods of stillness and it is so harmonious, so beautiful). He says he sewed his own clothes with stitches that were X/s. There were 2 layers of threads. Hermes Megistus, majestic, God-like).

“I considered myself a most humble man, I did not consider myself God-like but everyone else did. I had some peers, like-minded, that assisted me, insulated me, comforted me, handled requests and talked to the crowds. And the crowds were relatively small but the legend quickly spread in the lifetime. Much later I became a god, a god of legend, much of which is not true, and embellished to the point it is fallacy. Although there is some truth, and you can find it, even though it was so long ago. It was I consider one of my most beautiful lifetimes for not only did I practice this, and it was the only lifetime that I did, but I went through my life unharmed and admired, and revered, and toward the end of my life people came from afar for a healing, and I always gladly obliged as long as I was able.”

“My proteges took care of many of the lesser healings. It was a most beautiful life. One of my proteges was the great Yesu Christi who has taken his ability to produce mental materialization to a level as yet unseen. It may be eclipsed in the future or it may not. It does not matter. The level of control achieved and demonstrated is fantastic. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching someone do this. And so, I incarnated specifically to help. It was my last lifetime. I was on the fringe. I chose that, but I was also one that could heal like him and we were friends. Although we knew each other in the monastery I never took my ability into the public eye. I left my body simply by stepping out and not reentering.”

“And when the great Yesu Christi served his ministry, I was there to help him, to show him how to manipulate cells by using light which he did on many occasions. But soon his ability eclipsed that and he no longer needed the light. He could heal directly, mentally creating the vibration on its own without the use of light and it was most spectacular to watch. He is to this day one of the only entities that can do this. He is one of the greatest healers in my esteemed opinion.”

"Take this. Use this information. Let it guide you. I have not betrayed you. I have not led you astray. It is all true. You can see for yourself when you search the Akashic Record. I am the one known as Lord of Light and I am comfortable with this. Soon I will drop the name and my identity altogether, for I am tired. I will no longer exist as an individual entity and I can assure you I long for that day. I love you all so very, very much. You do not understand. You cannot know the bounds at which my love engulfs you and spreads to you and appreciates you. But there is a day coming that you will. I may be gone by then so think of me, remember me, for what I do and what I say is not only true, but it is beautiful. You can do any and all of it yourselves. My highest blessings my friends. The best to you on your path. Remember who you are, remember you are following beauty. Remember you can find unlimited beauty within. This is all I have to say.”

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Michael Altshuler
Michael Altshuler
Dec 24, 2021

Beautiful transmission Don, of the Lord of Light story. Thank you.

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