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Peace by Amy M

Updated: Mar 17, 2023


A Lecture presented by Amy M.

Given by her Spirit Teacher, Marcus


Peace is something that you cannot find outside of yourself. I know that people look to one another and complain that the other person does not harbor peace in their hearts, so they blame the other person for the lack of peace in their own lives.

Peace is an important topic for the world right now. With the raging war that is going on, it is easy to assume that the world is fraught with fear, violence, hate and pain. However, if you really look at it, there is only a small number of people that crave war and chaos. They fear that they don’t have enough power and will stop at nothing to gain that power. The problem with this is that there will never be a time that they will have enough. They will strive to control more and more people and will continue to feel that void in their lives. It can be very painful to have that much fear.

For us, it is painful to watch. So much destruction is going on and it is needless. Yes, the countries of the world are banding together to help, but their willingness to fully interfere is limited. They are careful to not overstep because of the fear of another world war.

How do people have so much fear in their hearts that they are willing to destroy the peace and harmony of others? That is a good question. What we are seeing is that people that do not love themselves lash out at others. I have often been told that fear is an illusion of the lack of love in peoples lives. Don’t be confused that these people don’t have people that love them in their lives. They do. What is wrong is the way they feel about themselves. There is a real hateful feeling when they talk to themselves. They spend hours degrading and hating themselves for the things that they say and do. They sit in fear that others will see them they way they see themselves so they do things that will make them appear powerful. The truth is that they have no control over the way they talk to themselves, so they try to assert control on their outer world. It is very destructive to themselves and the world around them.

Don’t think that there isn’t a part of that person that doesn’t feel remorse for what they have done. Their underlying fear and pain far outweighs the compassion for others. It’s like having an internal war and the good portions of those people loses.

Now, how do we as outside observers help bring peace into the world? There is one simple thing that you can do. It’s sounds selfish, but it really isn’t. You need to love yourself. The world around you is affected by your internal dialog. When you are kind to yourself, it reflects on the world around you. By being kind to yourself, you exude that kindness. People around you can feel it. They know that you are showing them the way. The path to peace starts with each and every one of you. When you have warring thoughts, it shows. It shows in your attitude towards yourself and others.

Being kind to yourself is actually very easy. All you need to do is to say 1 kind thing to yourself every day. Do that for a week, then the next week, say 2 kind things to yourself…one in the morning and one in the evening. Then make it 3 kind things, morning, noon and night.

Even saying 1 kind thing to yourself can affect how you feel about yourself. We have all had times where our life hit a rough patch and we were very unhappy with ourselves. Everyone has had times when they were not sure if they were worthy of the love that surrounds them. It’s part of being human to question your existence and if you’re on the right pathway.

However, you don’t have to live there. You can easily pick yourself up by being mindful of your thoughts and your actions. Being kind to yourself can be as easy as giving yourself a few minutes of quiet time. Just taking a minute to sit quietly and observe the world around you. No thoughts or feelings, just quietly observing. It’s a great way to quiet a busy mind.

It's important to give yourself this kind of quality quiet time because it gives your mind a chance to rest from all of the business going on. Whether it’s inside or outside noise, it is good to take a moment to be still. An added benefit is the peace you will start to feel. Even just 1 minute of quiet time can add peace to your world. Then if you are able or desirous, of more peace, you can add time to your quiet time.

This world is very distracting. There are days where the world just flies by while we have our heads down and are working away. The thing to remember is that the physical world is a very small part of reality. Remember that time is infinite and that the greater portion of your existence is actually on spirit side. Yes, you came into this world to learn lessons, but that doesn’t mean that you should get lost in the physical world and all of the distractions that lay therein. Remember that the real life is the expanded person that you really are.

By sitting quietly, you can touch that part of yourself. When you touch that part of yourself, you will see that there is the love that you didn’t realize was there. The feeling of blissful love exists within each of us. Getting quiet and going within will allow you to touch into that love and remind you of the infinite being that you truly are.

As you take the time to be quiet, your mind relaxes and allows that feeling to come back in. It takes practice, but it is worth all of the work.

People don’t realize that they have this part of themselves inside. They get lost in the physical world with all of the distractions and all of the technology. They forget that ultimately we all go back to the non-physical plane. They turn a blind eye to that reality because they fear what lies beyond.

But I am here to tell you that what lies beyond is a love that is far greater than most people realize. If only you could touch into the love your spirit friends have for you, you would never feel alone. You could have a taste of what exists on the other side, but keeping in mind, that the love you feel when you cross back over is even stronger than what you can comprehend on the physical plane. Even having your sprit friends share with you doesn’t compare to what you will feel here.

Having said all that, the reality of peace is that there will be no peace unless people learn to love themselves. The reason is because they will always be desperately searching for something or someone outside themselves to find what they feel they are lacking. It becomes a desperate feeling that causes them fear and pain, so they constantly are looking for anything to distract themselves from these feelings.

what spirit can do to help us and, to understand that spirit can and will help, even if we do not have open communication with them.

Imagine if we could just reach them and make them understand how easy it is to find this peace. Unfortunately people choose their pathway before coming into the physical and sometimes their path is to turn away from peace to learn how important it really is.

The best we can do is to find that peace for ourselves and share it with the world. The more people that can find that peace, the more peaceful the world will become. Sharing it with others is a great way to love yourself. It brings joy to your heart.

So, when you hear about the chaos that is going on in the world, acknowledge that it is there, but don’t let it bring you down. Be focused on peace and sharing that peace as a way to help heal the world. If more people did this every day, this world could finally start turning into heaven on earth.

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