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Awareness by Dr. Rev. E. Larr

Golden Thread Magazine Volume 1, No. 1, October 1986


The Pathway to A Fuller Life

By Rev. Eugene Larr

Simply stated it can be said that, “to become aware of the things around you is to place yourself more ‘in’ your environment.” Now, it is quite easy to analyze the various levels of awareness of different animals and thereby arrange them in order of development. This can certainly be done with lower animals to show at least a sliding scale of evolution, in the development of simple to complex animals. But in higher, more complex animals it can be used to differentiate, to a higher degree, the levels of intelligence. To have a vast quantity of awareness in the form of simple knowledge is of little or no value. It is the use of that awareness, that knowledge, in your daily life that makes the difference between ordinary living and living life to the fullest.

It has often been said that you must “know that you know.” This, of course, is one of the most important facets that we handle within ourselves. Do I really know what I want? Do I really know where I am going? Do I really know who I am? The only way to answer these questions is to use the awareness that you have within yourself, and to constantly add to your awareness by being: (1) a careful observer, and (2) a person who is ready to correct previous concepts and thoughts that have now become outmoded, or proven wrong, as we gain more and more awareness. For example, as a child we may have learned to be afraid of fire because we did not know that fire was more than something that could hurt us. However, as we grew and matured, we became aware that fire could, in fact, be beneficial if used properly. So, our early awareness of fear of fire is replaced by our awareness of a good and useful tool.

It is this alteration of a sense of value that really gives the evidence of the mind of the highly advanced man. All of the situations we find ourselves in, be they good, bad, or indifferent, are brought about not only by the extent of our awareness, but by the extent to which we are willing to use that awareness in every conceivable way. To be aware that something is dangerous is an extremely important kind of awareness. To be aware of how to avoid those kinds of dangerous situations is, of course, the way of progress. When you deliberately ignore this awareness, you are playing “Russian roulette” with your happiness, or even your very life. But let us step back a little bit from the abstract concepts that I have been talking about and look at some specific examples.

You as a human animal should be aware of everything that your five physical senses are exposing you to. And yet, I find a great many people who do not even use their five senses knowingly. The sense of touch, for example, is probably one of the least understood of the senses, for it has deep ramifications in our everyday lives. Certain kinds of food have a particular feel in the mouth and oftentimes can suggest “good” or “bad” taste. The sense of touch in your fingers is extremely important, for it allows you to understand more of what an object is. Also, your sense of touch in relating to other people is of paramount importance.

One should study how they use each of the five senses to see what more they can gain through the exercise of each sense. All of the senses must be used, for each is important and each adds to your total awareness. Sometimes, the use of one or more of the senses is lost through accident, illness or disease. And it is only then that the average person would truly miss the use of that sense. Make it a habit to consciously use each of the five senses every single day. Use them to their highest degree. They are your link to the physical world around you.

It is well known to those who have explored psychic activity that there is a psychic sense for each of the five physical ones, plus several more. It is the use of these psychic senses that really gives man the upper hand in working with his life.

Communication with spiritual entities is one of the finest tools that can be used to avoid problems. One of the greatest benefits of this communication is a constant reminder to you, by your guides and teachers, to really pay attention to what is going on. We constantly hear teachers saying to “slow down; use your sensitivity; take time to smell the flowers.” Thus, as we develop and begin to use all of our senses (both physical and psychic) we truly become highly developed individuals, moving along our pathways in harmony.

One of my “high” teachers, Tau Sing, has defined what he would consider a spiritual saint. His definition is pure and simple: “An individual who knows where his next step is going to take him and that nothing can surprise him.” It is easy to see that if you are totally aware of your surroundings, on a physical, emotional and psychic level, truly nothing can surprise you. Also, all coming events cast their psychic shadows before them with some degree of clarity. Therefore, the extent to which you are aware of these coming events gives you the knowledge to act; to avoid those things that you would not like to experience and; to experience an even higher degree those things that you would like to experience.

The development of your highest potential relies upon your awareness. And, you must “be aware that you are aware” and use it. Knowledge filed away in the mind and forgotten, so that it cannot be used on command, is wasted knowledge. Use your sensitivity. Use your knowledge. Develop your awareness. These things make the difference. Now, to start you along the right path, here’s an exercise which is fundamental to your development: meditation.

Simply stated, silent meditation prepares the pathway. This silent meditation is not to be confused with meditation to music, meditation using chants or mantras, or prayer meditation. While each of these has its own place, the one that will build your awareness is the meditation of total silence.

To start, sit down in a comfortable room, in a comfortable chair, and be dressed comfortably, wearing no clothing that binds or attracts attention to itself. Also, do not be concerned about what you may have read or heard regarding the position of the body. It makes no difference other than you must be comfortable, so that the mind is not distracted.

When you are comfortable, begin to still the mind. It is not so much a matter of “letting” the mind go blank. In other words, it is a deliberate action of the mind. To achieve this you must learn to control the unwanted thoughts that will slip across your mind. When you become aware of a thought, you must let it slide past and not give it any attention. When you hear a sound, don’t listen to it and don’t analyze it; just dismiss it and drift into silence. By the way, don’t have any clocks that you can hear, in the same room, as their ticking will hold your attention.

Meditation achieving true stillness of the mind will, on most occasions, last only a few moments or up to a minute or two. But, learning to control your mind for even a few moments lets you open up the receptive sensitivity of the mind, for your benefit. The mind that is crowded and noisy cannot seek or store true information. The mind must be still so that the sensitivity to psychic activity will be undistorted.

There are some other, specific exercise, which we will be discussing in future issues, that can help you to bring about the proper use of each of the psychic senses. Through these you can increase your awareness and understanding of “karma” (cause and effect) which plays a significant part in our lives. Also, you will become more aware of your own wants and needs, as well as the wants and needs of others, for we are not totally isolated. In fact, it is the proper interplay and sharing of awareness with one another that can bring about total harmony. It is this harmony which allows you to live your life to the fullest. With this kind of concentrated effort, disharmony will drift away and harmony will increase. Then, with this increasing harmony, alone with an increasing fullness of life, will come an understanding and a total awareness of who you are, why you are really here, and where you are really going.

Remember, developing your awareness is a major step along the way. And, for you to consciously become aware that you are aware of all things is the mark of true enlightenment.

Copyright 1986 by Awareness Press (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation -a California non-profit religious and educational corporation.) The right to copy portions is granted to individuals who purchase and use a copy for personal use but not for sale or distribution. Chapel of Awareness, 560 Third Street, Encinitas, CA 92024.

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