We hope that this communication finds each of you well and safe. We look forward to hearing about your discoveries and adventures using Chapel philosophy and practices. Our practices our so important in this particularly interesting and testing times to create balance and harmony for ourselves. 

The COVID pandemic has brought many gifts, opportunities and challenges to each of us. We have learned how to teach many different things on Zoom that we did not previously think was possible.  We have learned to be better listeners on Zoom.  We can reach many more people who might not be able to attend in-person classes by offering online classes and services and that has been a really great thing.  More people will have the opportunity to learn and use Chapel philosophy for the betterment of their lives, increasing their awareness and lighting their way. 

We will be continuing to offer online class formats on Zoom for the foreseeable future.  As government and science inform us, we will be flexible in response.  Staff has been busy creating and working to move Chapel into the future. We are problem solving and connecting to create a cohesive student experience as best as we can while we are away from the in person classroom experience that is so important to teaching our practices. 

We are resuming classes, post winter break, starting January 12th.


Tests are postponed until further notice due to current Covid-19 Restrictions. We will keep you updated.

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